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Major Mechanical Protection (MMP)GAPAuto Exam


Provides you with valuable protection against the costs associated with vehicle maintenance repair beyond the normal terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer’s standard warranty. The program offers various levels of coverage that provide you with the flexibility of designing a plan to meet your unique driving habits and needs. Ask your loan officer for more information about plan availability.

Benefits Of MMP

  • MMP rates are typically 35% to 40% less in cost than equivalent warranties and service contracts available elsewhere; rates are clearly defined. No negotiating with the dealer!
  • Your coverage is backed by a top-rated insurance company.
  • MMP does not require you to have repair work performed at any specific location.
  • Outside of your deductible, in most cases there are no “out-of-pocket” expenses
  • Additional benefits include:
    – towing/road service
    – rental car expense reimbursement
    – tire service
    – lost key/lockout service
    – trip interruption service (motel and restaurant expenses for overnight stays)
    – These benefits may not be available in all states.  Check your contract for specific details.

The Bottom Line

This could happen to you: You’re 100 miles away from home and you experience transmission problems.

You have your vehicle towed to a licensed repair station. They tell you it is going to be a day, maybe more, to repair your transmission! So you rent a car, check into a hotel, get some dinner and wait for your car to be repaired. What is this going to cost?

Without MMP, your final bill could look like this:

  • Transmission Repair: $2,318.00
  • Towing: $ 50.00
  • Car Rental: $ 100.00
  • Hotel and Restaurant $ 150.00
  • Total Expenses: $2,618.00

With MMP, your final bill could look like this:

  • Towing: $ 0.00
  • Car Rental: $ 0.00
  • Hotel and Restaurant $ 0.00
  • Total Expenses: $ 50.00



Get peace of mind, convenience, and confidence for the road at a significant savings.  Memorial Credit Union offers GAP solutions for just pennies a day to cover the difference between the Actual Cash Value of your vehicle determined by your insurance company and what you own on your loan.  Contact a loan officer for more information on GAP today.

More Information


Ease your fears and lower the risk of purchasing a used car. Auto Exam’s goal is to protect our members from buying someone else’s problems. Auto Exam will give you an unbiased, written report identifying problems such as:

  • Was it maintained?
  • Has it been in an accident?
  • Is the mileage correct?
  • Is there flood damage?
  • Are there mechanical problems?
  • What is the auto worth?

When you take the car you are considering purchasing to Auto Exam, you will recieve:

  • A Bumper-to-Bumper Inspection
  • Convenient, local service
  • An Engine Analyzer Test
  • An unbiased report
  • Appraisal
  • Vehicle history report

If you are in the market for a used vehicle, you will want to use Auto Exam to protect yourself. If you finance with the Credit Union, the fee can be worked into your loan. Call one of your friendly loan officials to make sure your investment is a sound one.

After you have decided which vehicle to purchase, protect your investment with an Auto Warranty. Prices and coverage are based on auto make and mileage. In most cases we can offer a more affordable and more comprehensive coverage plan than dealer warranties. Contact a loan officer for more information on our auto warranties.